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The extensive skills of Me Zakine, a lawyer serving the specific needs of the client

Labor law, an area in constant evolution, is at the heart of the concerns of both employees and employers. Faced with the interweaving of its specificities and the complexity of the situations encountered, it is crucial to obtain the services of a competent lawyer. Me Zakine, doctor of law, offers this expertise to his clients with responsiveness and proximity.

A lawyer specializing in real estate and construction law

The real estate and construction sector is fraught with potential litigation. Defects, procedures relating to the Sale in the Future State of Completion (VEFA), Individual House Construction Contract (CCMI), or even disputes linked to renovation work and abandonment of site, require in-depth knowledge. With his experience, Me Zakine assists his clients in these areas, guaranteeing a rigorous and adapted approach.

Recognized expertise in family law

The family law is another essential part of Me Zakine's activity. Human issues are paramount, whether it involves divorce, employer-employee disputes for unfair dismissal, or other family issues. In each situation, the approach is centered on the needs of the client, ensuring tailor-made support.

Interventions in co-ownership law

Contesting a general meeting in the event of an air conditioning problem, work on common or private areas, or even the drafting of co-ownership regulations, are frequent problems in co-ownership law. Me Zakine's expertise in this area is a major asset for his clients.

Lawyer in real estate and construction law, Maître Cécile Zakine, Doctor of Law, intervenes in co-ownership, real estate and construction law disputes in Antibes, Cannes and throughout the Alpes Maritimes.

Our law firm can help you in a number of areas, including property law and co-ownership management throughout France, including Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and, more recently, Grasse, Cannes, Nice and the Alpes Maritimes, as well as related litigation.

As a lawyer in co-ownership lawIt can help you to resolve any difficulties relating to the management and administration of a co-owned property.

Co-owner, co-ownership trustee or real estate professional, Master Zakine can use his strong skills in law of the co-ownership to advise you and represent you in all disputes and problems that may arise. Co-ownership law governs the relationships between the co-owners of a building and the obligations incumbent on them in terms of management and maintenance of the property. 'building. This is a complex and delicate area which may require the intervention of a specialist lawyer.

A lawyer specialising in co-ownership law, such as Maître Zakine, can help with the recovery of co-ownership charges or when a loss occurs both within a dwelling and in the common areas.

Maître Zakine, a lawyer specialising in co-ownership law, will be able to help you draw up or interpret the articles of co-ownership, settle disputes between co-owners, represent your syndicate of co-ownership before the courts and advise you on all legal issues relating to co-ownership.

A wide range of skills

Beyond these areas, Me Zakine also excels in contesting building permits, proceedings before the judicial court on the merits or in summary proceedings, business law, company law and neighborhood disputes, particularly abnormal disturbances. neighborhood. Each client benefits from a service adapted to their dispute, thanks to the lawyer's legal expertise, particularly in construction law.


Lawyer vefa real estate law

Mr. Zakine's plurality of skills combines with his commitment to providing quality service. Responsive, available and attentive to the specific needs of its clients, it is the ideal legal partner to assert its rights and navigate calmly through the twists and turns of the law.

Your interest is what guides Master Zakine. Master Zakine provides you with advice and assistance.
Using a lawyer means you can be sure that your rights are respected, and that the law firm you have chosen is specialised in the required field.

The Cabinet d'avocat Zakine is based in Antibes registered with the Grasse Bar (the Nice Bar is next door). Maître Zakine advises on CannesGrassse, Mougins ) and throughout France.

Maître Zakine is used to working remotely (video, electronic signature, secure file exchange platform).

The Cabinet Cécile Zakine is at your disposal to meet your needs and ensure the defense of your interests with responsiveness and professionalism while respecting the ethics imposed by his profession

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