Legal Protection and Lawyer: Essential Insurance in the Event of Legal Action

Legal expenses guarantee is a crucial insurance that helps cover attorney fees and other legal expenses. Often included in home or automobile insurance, or linked to bank cards, it offers significant financial coverage in the context of disputes.

Legal Protection Coverage

This insurance covers not only disputes brought to court, but also preliminary steps such as attempts at conciliation carried out by the lawyer, the costs of the bailiff's report, and the costs of expertise. It also covers the first consultation with a lawyer according to the scale provided.

Importance of Early Subscription

It is essential to take out this insurance before a dispute arises. Opening a file before the lawyer begins the necessary steps, such as sending a letter of formal notice, is also crucial.

Choice of Lawyer and Fee Agreement

The choice of lawyer remains free for the client. It is recommended that you select an attorney experienced in the area relevant to your dispute. After the first consultation, a fee agreement must be signed, defining the fees between the lawyer and the client.

Opening a File with Legal Protection

After choosing a lawyer and consulting, the client opens a file with legal protection by contacting their insurance. The opening of the file depends on the handling of the dispute by the insurance company, depending on the matter and the type of dispute.

Reimbursement of expenses

Clients are reimbursed for legal costs (lawyer fees, bailiff fees, expert appraisal fees, and disbursements) by their insurance, in accordance with the applicable scale, after receipt of paid invoices from the lawyer.

Support by Me Cécile ZAKINE

Me Cécile ZAKINE, legal expert, supports numerous clients benefiting from legal protection. This insurance offers additional financial security, allowing Me ZAKINE to provide more in-depth services, knowing that the costs will be covered, at least partially.

In summary, legal expenses insurance is beneficial for both the client and the lawyer, ensuring more peaceful financial management of legal costs. For more information on the legal protection and services offered by Me ZAKINE, do not hesitate to contact her.

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