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The Labor Law Lawyer in Cannes: An essential pillar in the resolution of disputes between employers and employees

The world of work is a space of collaboration, but also of tensions. In Cannes, as everywhere in France, when a dispute arises between employee and employer, recourse to the Cannes industrial tribunal is often unavoidable. In this context, calling on a specialized lawyer, such as Me ZAKINE, becomes a wise choice to avoid errors and build a solid file.

The role of the lawyer in labor law in Cannes

The labor law lawyer is above all an advisor. When a dispute arises or a dispute linked to a dismissal for misconduct, particularly for serious misconduct, it is to this expert that we turn. Having taken an oath to Grasse Bar, Me ZAKINE is recognized for his availability and assistance, guaranteeing optimal support for the employee or employer throughout the procedure.

The key phases of the industrial tribunal procedure

If the employee must respect her employment contract, the same applies to the employer, despite her power of direction and her disciplinary power.

The pre-dismissal interview is a crucial step which precedes the drafting of the dismissal letter. In the event of an error in these steps, the termination may be reclassified, for example, as unfair dismissal or vexatious dismissal. In addition, reasons such as discrimination or moral harassment can worsen the employer's situation and lead to substantial damages.

The conciliation phase is the first step before the industrial tribunal. Here, the lawyer plays a key role in trying to find a settlement with the employer to avoid a lawsuit. This can lead to advantageous severance pay for the employee or recognition of the employee's acknowledgment of the termination.

If no agreement is reached, the dismissal procedure enters a contentious phase where the arguments of each party are presented before the judges. The support of Me ZAKINE guarantees a solid defense, whether to contest a warning, a disciplinary measure or to request end-of-contract documents.

Occupational risk management

Advice and litigation support

Employer's safety obligation implementation of action plans in terms of prevention and assessment of occupational risks

- Health and safety, environment of work: support on the application of French and European regulations

– French and European regulations: right to information and training of employees

– Risk reporting in companies

 – Consultant environment in Antibes 

– Moral and sexual harassment

The need to consult a lawyer

As a jurist and lawyer, Me ZAKINE has always practiced in labor law but also in social security law. She discovered this dispute when she was appointed to the position of judicial assistant at the Paris Court of Appeal. In this capacity, she was led to work on asbestos litigation, which she continued to practice in a law firm. His doctorate on the European REACH regulation on chemical substances focuses in part on employee health and hygiene law.

My experience allows me to support company managers in their approach to occupational risk prevention.

With the complexity of labor law laws and procedures, it is strongly recommended to hire a lawyer to avoid errors, especially when it comes to delicate issues such as dismissal for serious misconduct or contesting a conventional termination.

In conclusion, whether you are an employee or employer in Cannes, calling on a labor law lawyer like Me ZAKINE is a crucial step in guaranteeing your rights and interests. His availability and expertise will guide you through the twists and turns of professional disputes.

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