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5 things to know about a lawyer in real estate law and other areas of law in Lille

Real estate law is a complex legal field that touches many facets of our lives, from the purchase of property to the management of disputes including construction disputes. Me Cécile ZAKINE, emeritus lawyer at the Lille bar, knows something about this. We will present to you five essential elements to know about a real estate lawyer in Lille.

1. Rigor and competence: The pillars of the profession of lawyer in real estate law

The real estate industry is full of subtleties and potential pitfalls. Whether it is the study of the construction contract of individual houses, VEFA (Sale in Future State of Completion) or disputes linked to a VEFA delay, competence and rigor are essential. When a client entrusts his file to Me ZAKINE, he can be sure that he will benefit from rigorous expertise. His years of training at the Grasse Bar, followed by diligent practice at other Bars such as the Lille Bar, give him mastery of legal issues related to real estate.

2. Attentive listening and personalized advice: The mark of the lawyer close to his clients

All the professionalism and competence in the world would be of no use without truly listening to the client's needs and concerns. Me Cécile ZAKINE understood this well. She has built a reputation as a lawyer who listens, offering relevant advice adapted to each situation. Whether it concerns real estate sales, divorce, labor law or even business-related procedures, Me ZAKINE is there to guide and support his clients at every stage.

Lawyer vefa real estate law

3. Perfect mastery of procedures before the judicial court

One of the most intimidating aspects for the general public when it comes to real estate law is the prospect of litigation. Proceedings before the court can be long and difficult. This is where the role of the lawyer takes on its importance. Me ZAKINE, with his in-depth knowledge of legal workings, ensures rigorous and effective representation before the courts.

4. A national presence: Travels throughout France

If Me Cécile ZAKINE is based in Lille, her reputation goes far beyond the borders of the North. She is recognized for her willingness to travel throughout France to defend the interests of her clients. That the file concerns an appeal against a building permit to Marseille or a real estate dispute in Strasbourg, she is ready to go wherever her skills are needed.

5. Unfailing versatility

Finally, it is important to underline the versatility of Me ZAKINE. Although an expert in real estate law, she also has strong expertise in other areas of law, such as labor law or corporate law.


Finding a competent, rigorous and attentive real estate lawyer can be a real obstacle course. However, in Lille, the reference in this matter is undoubtedly Me Cécile ZAKINE. With his professionalism, his proximity to his clients and his vast experience, Me Zakine will be able to support you. So whether you need contract advice or representation in court, consider the latter to guide you.

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