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The law firm of Antibes regularly publishes legal notes to help you
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Real estate law - publications by lawyers in antibes

Real estate and construction litigation

Construction law: construction disputes, action for the appointment of an amicable expert, action for compensation on the merits before the judicial court
Co-ownership law: recovery of co-ownership charges, assistance in the context of general meetings, assistance to syndic's offices in the context of their management and administration mission, construction litigation in the context of a co-ownership
Drafting of service contracts: insertion of mandatory clauses.

Lawyer labour law grasse

Employers - Life of a company

Legal support, advice and litigation in labour law
Employment regulations, employment contract work and writing specific clauses (non-competition, confidentiality, use of IT tools, contractual severance pay, etc.)
Drafting of the rules of procedure
Drafting the employment contract: fixed-term and open-ended contracts: checking the necessary contractual elements (non-competition clause, mobility clause, confidentiality clause, exclusivity clause)
Managing the termination of employment contracts contractual termination, disciplinary dismissal, dismissal for individual or collective economic reasons, settlements
Managing the termination of employment contracts in the event of receivership or compulsory liquidation.

Advice to employees

Privacy and lawyers

What are your most frequent needs in your daily life?

Procedure to follow if the site is abandoned: what do I have to do to get my money back or force the service provider to continue?
Procedure for debt recovery What is the procedure to follow when faced with this difficulty?
Analysis of a consumer contract: detecting unlawful clauses and imbalance between the professional and the consumer
Non-negotiated membership contracts: detecting unfair terms
getting support in the event of a consumer dispute: what are my rights? what recourse can I take? Which court has jurisdiction? What can I expect?
Real estate sales agreement: analysis of the agreement, deadlines and suspensive conditions
Neighbourhood dispute: what can I do if I have been attacked? Which court has jurisdiction? What can they order?
Co-owner dispute

Labour Lawyer antibes

Employees' lives

  • Support in the context of the termination of the employment contract
  • Legal support: rereading the employment contract before signing, cases of harassment (reporting harassment to the employer with a view to setting up an investigation, willingness to resign or to negotiate a contractual termination
  • Accompaniment before the Courts in case of employee/employer disputes
  • Risk prevention psychosocial risks: failure of the employer to fulfil his obligation of prevention
  • Support in the event of incapacity
  • Support in the event of accidents at work and occupational diseases / action for recognition of inexcusable fault before the Social Court


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