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Maître Céline Zakine a été d’une grande efficacité, ses conseils avisés m’ont été très utiles et je la remercie pour son accompagnement bienveillant, son empathie et son professionnalisme.
Cyril Soulier
Très bon avocat donne les meilleurs conseils dans toute situation ! D'ailleurs on peut dire que c'est un avocat pugnace ! Merci de m'avoir accompagné lors de mon litige !
Very professional, competent and responsive
Very professional lawyer. She is very responsive and comprehensive in her work.
Samia B
Really helpful lawyer who will take the time to explain everything in details.She will not overcharge unnecessary.Recommending for any issue you may have with your tenants.Thank you!
Joe Nookye
I contacted Me Zakine for a difficult matter. I am satisfied to have benefited from his services. I highly recommend this advice
Wenchao Zhao
very professional!
Sofia Ouahbi
Master Zakine listens and gives good advice, I recommend
Pugnacious lawyer! Helped a lot with our problem on Worthy Baths. We recommend to 100%
Nino Abeade
Thank you for your GDPR intervention in Paris! Pugnacious lawyer I recommend
Laurent Praud
Thank you again Master for your responsiveness and efficiency. I dealt with this lawyer in the context of a Parisian case. The lawyer followed the file perfectly and the outcome was in our favor. Best wishes
Thanks to Master Zakine for his intervention in Metz.
antonin debono
Was able to help us in our efforts and immediately understood our problem. Very competent and warm. I highly recommend.
alain carrere
Ms. ZAKINE is of impeccable professionalism, a lawyer who listens and guides you and supports you throughout the case. Thank you for coming to Toulouse.
William Bianchi
I confirm the great professionalism of Maître ZAKINE, who was able to listen to my problem and quickly direct me towards precise and effective actions.
Gilles Fraysse
Excellent contact and excellent involvement from Maître Zakine, including during the first advice-taking videoconference. I can highly recommend him!
Mr R
Kader Mahtab
Thank you to Maitre Zakine for our property law problem in Lille! Friendly, pugnacious and not (too) expensive! We recommend
Analia Cervetto
I would like to thank Cécile Zakine for her sympathetic ear, her professionalism and her invaluable help. It was a great pleasure to feel accompanied and confident. Thank you
A very professional and empathetic lawyer, with whom I work on a regular basis, Maître Zakine is competent and precise in many areas, and I highly recommend her.
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