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Maître Zakine, Doctor of Law

As a business and corporate lawyer, Maître Zakine can assist companies and managers in their day-to-day activities. 

Recovery of unpaid invoices, contractual disputes, Maître Zakine advises you on a daily basis to help you face the legal challenges you face.

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Labour Law

Advice and litigation support

- Employment regulations, employment contract work and drafting of clauses (non-competition, confidentiality, use of IT tools, contractual severance pay, etc.).

- Drafting the rules of procedure

Drafting the employment contract Fixed-term and open-ended contracts

-Checking clauses in employment contracts

Managing the termination of employment contracts : contractual termination, disciplinary dismissal, dismissal for economic reasons, settlement

- Management of termination of employment contract in the event of receivership or compulsory liquidation.

- Management remuneration

- Requalification of the mandate contract as an employment contract

- Posting of employees

- Protection of privacy and unlawful taking of evidence

- Responsibility for employee or the employer in the event of misconduct.

Experiences and background : Me ZAKINE acquired these skills when she was a legal assistant at the Paris Court of Appeal. and a lawyer in a law firm. As a lawyer, she has always practised employment law. and social security law.


Social security law

- Management of accidents at work and occupational diseases: appeals to the Commission de recours amiable (out-of-court settlement commission), appeals to the Tribunal des affaires de sécurité sociale (social security tribunal)

- Litigation inexcusable fault  in the event of an occupational disease or accident at work

Experience: Me ZAKINE acquired her skills as a legal assistant at the Paris Court of Appeal and a lawyer in a law firm. As a lawyer, she has always practised law and social security law

Company law

Setting up a company: assistance with the best structure to adopt (tax analysis of the situation in partnership with the CPC accounting firm - Nathalie Lapierre and Me David Chabbat, Member of the Grasse Bar :

- Assisting companies in difficulty from the conciliation phase through to compulsory liquidation; assistance with court-ordered safeguards and receivership in partnership with David Chabbat, Member of the Grasse Bar


Commercial leases 

- Drafting of commercial lease agreements in partnership with David Chabbat, Member of the Grasse Bar

Drafting of contracts 

- Drafting of general terms and conditions sales and order forms for building professionals and service providers

- Drafting of service contracts

Debt collection

Because debt collection disputes are very common, the Cécile ZAKINE's office helps professionals bring debt recovery actions in all areas of professional life (construction, sales, self-employed professionals, etc.). 

Collection action begins with a scrupulous analysis of the contract and the estimate, as well as verification of the form of the invoices issued. The implementation of home is the next step. It is from this letter that a procedure or negotiation may or may not be launched.

Micro enterprise lawyer

 The Cabinet Zakine assists micro-businesses with everything from company incorporations to any problems they may encounter.

Frequently asked questions : 

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What is a business lawyer?

The right of business is a area of law which brings together all the rules legal applicable to commercial relations. This is a complex and constantly evolving area of law, which requires a thorough knowledge of the case law and legislation. The avocats en droit des affaires ont pour mission de advise and represent their clients in all legal matters relating to their commercial activity. They provide advice as well as litigation services, and can exercise their profession within a company, a practice or a public institution. He advises and assists its customers in all stages of their activity, from business start-up to disposal activity.


He is also involved in case of litigation commercial or in the area of litigation tax. It includes the commercial law (contract law, company law, etc.) and the tax law (tax law, VAT law, etc.).

). The law firms in business law are generally made up of a team of lawyers who multidisciplinary lawyers specialising in various areas of business law.

This allows them to offer a full range of legal services to businesses, whatever their needs.



What are the areas of expertise of a business lawyer?

They advise and represent their customers in the different stages of their activities commercial.


Increasingly, business lawyers are being called upon to in the fields of finance, international trade, the environment and energy. intellectual property and competition.

Some lawyers also practice in the field of public law business. In finance, the legal advisers advise and represent their clients customers in the context of transactions financial mergers and acquisitions, of restructuring and fundraising. They also intervene in the context of litigation financial.

In international trade, the legal advisers assist and advise their clients in connection with contracts commercial In the area of intellectual property, the firm's lawyers advise clients on international transactions, joint ventures, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and international commercial disputes. With regard to intellectual property lawyers Business Law advises and represents clients in the protection and management of their intellectual property rights, particularly patents, trademarks, designs and trade secrets. Finally, the legal advisers advise and represent their clients on competition issues, in particular anti-trust and competition law. competition and distribution.


Commercial and company law

A lawyers may also specialise in commercial law and company law. Commerce is an economic activity involving the sale and purchase of goods.


Trade is therefore subject to rules legal These are grouped together under the term commercial law. Commercial law applies to relations between traders, but also to relations between shopkeepers and consumers.

A commercial contract is a contract between two or more private persons or legal entities, having as their object the sale or purchase of goods. The commercial contract must comply with certain legal rules, in particular those relating to the formation of the contract, its performance and its termination.

For example, there are departments specialising in company law, contract law, tax law, etc. competition law or employment law. It is important to know that lawyers also intervene before the jurisdictions to defend the interests of their clients.


Banking and finance law

In France, the lawyers in this field are subject to a regulation specific. In order to better understand what banking and finance law is, we asked a lawyer specialized in this area to tell us more.


Financial law, on the other hand, is broader and concerns all investment and capital management activities. The law firm that he spoke to us about specialises in banking and financial law, and works mainly with French courts. Their intellectual property is also protected at national and international level.

Indeed, their know-how and their expertise are recognised by the most important French and European courts. If you have any disputes related to banking and finance law, don't hesitate to call on us. law firm.

This is equivalent to using a legal counsel private, as the courts are competent in this area. They will help you defend your interests and to win their case.

What are the specificities of business law?

Among the main specificities of business law are the protection of investments, the regulation contracts, commercial risk management, etc. In this article, we will focus on the specificities of business law in France.


As far as investment protection is concerned, French business law is mainly based on international law. In fact, France has signed numerous treaties international aimed at protecting foreign investments (bilateral investment treaties, international conventions, etc.).

These contracts are subject to specific rules and must be written in clear and accessible language. Indeed, the disputes commercial are subject to the jurisdiction commercial, which is competent to hear all disputes relating to the activities of commercial (commercial leases, service contracts, etc.).

French business law is also characterised by entrepreneurial freedom. Indeed, France grants a great deal of freedom to companies, particularly with regard to the choice of legal status, pricing, etc.


Occupational risk management

Advice and litigation support

Employer's safety obligation implementation of action plans in terms of prevention and assessment of occupational risks

Health and safety, environment of work: support on the application of French and European regulations

- French and European regulations: employees' right to information and training

- Signposting of risks in companies

 – Environmental consultant in Antibes 

- Moral and sexual harassment


Business law lawyer

As a lawyer, Me ZAKINE has always practised in labour law but also in social security law. She discovered this litigation when she was appointed as a legal assistant at the Paris Court of Appeal. In this capacity, she worked on asbestos litigation, which she continued to practice in law firms. Her doctorate on the European REACH regulation on chemical substances focuses in part on employee health and hygiene law.

My experience allows me to support company managers in their approach to occupational risk prevention.

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