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Posted on April 11, 2024


Reminder of the facts of the Appollonia Affair

In 2009, the resounding real estate scandal of the Apollonia affair broke out in France. Involving the eponymous real estate company and hundreds of individuals cheated by its dubious actions, this affair shook the world of real estate and the practice of VEFA

Apollonia's non-regulatory practices were at the heart of the scam:
– sale of off-plan apartments at greatly overvalued prices;
– promises of guaranteed rental returns which never materialized;
– charging large commissions and using aggressive sales techniques. 

With around 700 complainants and fraud estimated at nearly 800 million euros, the extent of the financial and moral damage suffered by the victims is considerable, causing shock waves across the country. The Apollonia affair and VEFA justice » refers to a real estate scandal that shook France in the 2000s. The VEFA, or Sale in Future State of Completion, is a contract for the sale of a property still under construction.

The Apollonia Affair, named after the real estate company at the heart of the scandal, came to light when buyers found themselves faced with delays in delivery of their properties, construction quality problems and, in some cases , to pure and simple disappearances of invested funds.

Investors were victims of fraud within the framework of off-plan real estate programs offered by the company Apollonia, managed by Jean-Claude Mas. 

These programs consisted of the purchase of housing intended for furnished rental, with the promise of attractive returns. However, the housing was not built or was delivered late, and the promised returns were never achieved.

The case sparked numerous complaints from aggrieved investors, who often lost a significant portion of their capital. Investigations revealed fraudulent practices, such as overbilling, complex financial arrangements and concealment of information.

In the often opaque world of real estate, financial scandals are unfortunately not rare. The Apollonia affair, recently brought to the forefront, sadly illustrates this reality.

This affair, which shook the off-plan sale (VEFA) sector, highlights sophisticated fraud practices, leading to colossal financial losses for many investors.

The modus operandi in this affair is as complex as it is scandalous. 

Deeds signed massively “on the corner of a table”, in cafés or luxury Parisian hotels. Everything was done to put customers at ease. One of the most disturbing aspects of this affair is the alleged involvement of certain banks and notaries in validating and facilitating these fraudulent transactions. Falsified documents, non-existent financial guarantees and manipulation of funds have been cited as part of these questionable practices.

 And then everything exploded in 2008.

How does Me Zakine's client intervene in the Appollonia affair?

 Me Zakine, lawyer and Doctor of Law, represents his client in this Apolonia case. The latter will learn of the emergence of this affair on the radio.

 This is the start of 15 years of legal battle, anxiety and hard work not to be ruined.

 The scale of financial losses suffered by investors is staggering, with estimates reaching almost a billion euros. These losses not only have serious economic repercussions for individual investors, but also undermine public confidence in the financial and real estate system as a whole.

 MDespite the efforts of the authorities to investigate this case and bring those responsible to justice, the road to repairing the harm remains long and uncertain for many victims of the Apollonia affair. Legal disputes are increasing, with accusations brought against several stakeholders, including the real estate company itself, the banks and the notaries involved.

Latest development in the Appollonia affair?

 The Cabinet Zakine would like to inform you of recent developments in the Apollonia affair, concerning allegations of a billion euro fraud involving the sale in the state of future completion (VEFA), banks and notaries.  Me Zakine recently obtained a favorable decision before the Paris Court of Appeal.  The Judge clearly indicated that our clients were perfectly well founded and legitimate to request a suspension of proceedings while the secrecy of the investigation was lifted. This decision marks a significant step forward in our approach to guaranteeing fair justice for our clients.

Despite the lifting of the secrecy of the investigation during the proceedings, the Judge still noted that this request was particularly well-founded.

This decision was welcomed and gave hope to his clients regarding the, we hope, positive outcome of the case which will be definitively pleaded.  

By this decision filled with justice, the Judge considered that the buyers were justified in their request, thus strengthening our position and recognizing the legitimacy of our actions and those of our clients in this long fight.

This case highlights the critical need for stricter regulation and increased oversight in the real estate sector to prevent such disasters in the future. Investors must be able to have confidence in the integrity of real estate transactions and be protected against fraudulent and deceptive practices.

In conclusion, the Apollonia case represents a grim reminder of the dangers inherent in real estate investing and highlights the continuing flaws in the regulation and oversight of the sector. Authorities and market participants must redouble their efforts to ensure transparency, accountability and investor protection in all real estate transactions.

In an area where trust is essential, the Apollonia affair reminds us that vigilance is required and that responsibility must be assumed at all levels to avoid such scandals in the future.

Contact a lawyer who knows the Appollonia case

How does Me Zakine's client intervene in the Appollonia affair?

Cabinet Zakine remains at your side to provide you with all the necessary support in this matter.

We will continue to work tirelessly to assert your rights and obtain fair compensation for the financial and undoubtedly economic damages suffered.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions that could affect the dark Apollonia affair, this vast sales scam in the state of future completion. 

Maître Zakine – Lawyer in the Apollonia affair

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