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The questions that Me Zakine's clients ask themselves before establishing a quote for an auction in Grasse or Nice

Cost of a lawyer for an auction:

A lawyer's fees for an auction vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the case, the value of the property being auctioned, and the region. Some lawyers charge a fixed fee, while others may opt for a percentage of the property value or hammer price. It is therefore recommended to consult several lawyers to obtain quotes. Me Zakine takes a lump sum to push the bidding which will be deducted from the amount of the application in the event of success.

Lawyer's fees for bidding:

If the attorney comes in to represent a client in an auction, his or her fees may include preparation for participation in the auction, representation on the day of the sale, and post-sale follow-up. As mentioned previously, these fees vary.

How auctions work with a lawyer:

The lawyer can represent a buyer or a seller in a auction. For the buyer, he prepares the necessary documents, represents him on the day of the sale and takes care of post-auction procedures. For the seller, he can take care of setting up the sale, drafting the conditions of sale, and legal follow-up.

Choosing a lawyer for an auction:

It is better to choose a specialized lawyer in real estate law or auction sales. The lawyer's specialization and experience in this area are crucial for good representation.

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Hammer price:

It is the final price at which a good is sold during a auction. This price is generally higher than the starting price of the auction. Be careful, always keep in mind that you have to add fees (on average from 8% to 10 %).

Who pays the auction fees?

The auction fees, which generally include lawyer's fees, notary fees and other administrative costs are normally the responsibility of the buyer.

Payment of fees at an auction:

In addition to the auction fees paid by the buyer, the seller may have to pay costs related to putting the property up for sale, such as advertising costs or certain administrative costs. These costs can be very significant, be careful and be wary of calculators found on the internet, it is a very suspicious estimate (around 8 % to 10%) which will not be specifically adapted to your case perhaps. You won't find calculators with us, we don't believe in this system which induces errors?

Process of a sale by auction:

Announcement of the sale: The property is put up for sale and advertised publicly. For this, specialized websites offer to take auctions. on the region of Grasse and Nice, you have Tribuca,…
Visit to the property: Potential buyers can visit the property before the sale. Please note, if the property is occupied, taking photos inside is prohibited. It is private property. Check if there are children or people over 65 years old, clues can lead you to the trail. 
Auction: Auctions usually take place in an auction house or court. Interested parties make offers until the property is awarded to the highest bidder. In court auctions, the service of a lawyer is necessary. In front of the notaries, only you can push the stakes: be careful not to let yourself be carried away. Always think about related costs!
Finalization of the sale: After the auction, the buyer pays the price and associated costs, and the transfer of ownership is generally formalized by a notarial deed.

Master Cécile Zakine can help you push the auction at the Grasse Court  and Antibes.

Doctor of Law, lawyer in Antibes, dependent on the Grasse Bar, Maître Zakine is at your disposal.

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