5 tips for co-ownership - Me Zakine, real estate and co-ownership lawyer in Manosque

What are the 5 fundamental aspects of co-ownership law? 

1. Co-ownership regulations: the basic framework

The co-ownership regulations are the founding document governing the rights and obligations of co-owners. It sets out the allocation of common and private areas, the rules for managing the co-ownership, financial responsibilities and other essential provisions. A careful examination of this document will help you to resolve any issues that may arise.

2. General meetings of co-owners

Taking an active part in these meetings will allow you to discuss and vote on issues such as renovation work, expenditure, improvement projects and the election of the syndic. General Assemblies are an opportunity to discuss co-ownership projects.

3. Co-ownership financial management: calls for funds and co-ownership charges

Special or general co-ownership charges cover the upkeep and management of the co-ownership (electricity, water, gardens, common areas, maintenance, etc.).

4. The joint property : the representative of the co-owners’ union

The the role of the syndic in a co-ownership in Manosque is essential for effective management. He is the legal representative of the syndicate. He can sign contracts with service providers and can take legal action on behalf of the syndic. He plays a key role in the administration and management of the building. He works closely with the syndic council, whose members are elected at the general meeting of co-owners.

5. Works and renovations in the condominium

When it comes to works and renovations in a condominium. It's crucial to understand local regulations and the specific administrative procedures involved. Budgets are voted on and estimates are submitted to a competitive tendering process at the general meeting.

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