Investing in real estate in the Alpes-Maritimes


The Alpes-Maritimes region shines particularly brightly on the French property scene. With the lush charm of Cannes, the sunny splendour of Nice, the authenticity of Antibes and the picturesque character of Grasse, property investment in these parts seems, at first glance, to be an attractive option. After all, who wouldn't be tempted by the idea of buying a home in the Côte d'Azur sunshine, where the sea air mingles with cultural effervescence? The old charm of Nice, the cobbled streets, the Picasso museums, the sea, the sun, the mountains and the countryside, all the elements of nature are there to make tourists and investors dream.

However, this sunny medal has its downside.

Problems in property law are no small matter. When difficulties arise, the dream of the Côte d'Azur can turn into a real source of serious financial worries and concerns.

In this context, the use of a lawyer specialised in real estate lawWhether in Cannes, Nice, Antibes or Grasse, it's not just an option, it's a necessity, an obligation to solve problems that shouldn't have arisen in the first place.

I. Introduction

  • Introduction to the Alpes-Maritimes region and its real estate attractions.
  • The key role that a real estate lawyer in CannesNice, Antibes and Grasse.

II. The advantages of investing in property in the Alpes-Maritimes

  • Presentation of the advantages (tourism, climate, etc.): lucrative investment, rental investment (but be careful about choosing the right tenant!)

III. Legal and practical risks

  • A. Problems relating to town planning (e.g. failure to comply with the PLU)
    • Example of a case where an owner was forced to demolish a non-compliant building.
  • B. Co-ownership disputes
    • Example of a case of neighbourhood disturbance in Cannes resolved thanks to a real estate lawyer.
  • C. Difficulties relating to construction law
  • D. Tax issues
    • Potential tax return errors and associated penalties.

IV. The essential role of the property lawyer

  • A. Assisting with property transactions, analysing contracts, writing formal notices, putting pressure on opponents who fail to comply
  • B. Dispute management
  • C. Expert advice (Antibes, Grasse, etc.): expert advice before buying a property, advice on hidden defects, advice on the property sale process, etc.

V. Exceptional situations: when investment becomes a trap

  • Examples of cases in which property owners have suffered significant damage and the role of the property lawyer in saving them: recourse to the courts, mediation, conciliation, etc.
The Lawyer must appear as an available interlocutor and answer the client's questions throughout the processing of the file.
The Zakine firm operates in the Alpes Maritimes region (Antibes, Cannes Grasse, Nice) but also throughout France (Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Paris region, Strasbourg, Nantes, Nancy, PerpignanToulouse, Bezons, Villepinte, Pontoise, Rennes).



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