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Co-ownership law is not just a set of legal rules to be applied in order to comply with the rules of law, it is a set of laws which allow a community of individuals to live together, to peaceful manner, with respect for everyone, according to the rights and obligations that are incumbent on everyone. 

Me ZAKINE is aware that co-ownership law, particularly in Cannes, is a human right and that it is necessary to reconcile the law, the personalities of each person, the expectations of each of the co-owners and sometimes, their more or less legitimate demands. 

This is why Mr. ZAKINE intervenes in co-ownership law in Cannes by placing himself on the side of both the trustees and the co-owners, that is to say the co-ownership unions, because it is by analyzing the interests of everyone that she can understand them and make them a strength within the framework of the advice she will provide. 

Examples of disputes in co-ownership law usually managed by Me Zakine:

  1. Non-payment of co-ownership charges by a recalcitrant co-owner 
  2. Unauthorized work, without authorization from the general assembly having had an impact on the common areas 
  3. Abnormal neighborhood disturbances (nuisance etc.)
  4. Management of the trustee in the event of management error (liability action)
  5. Disputes relating to the general meeting (contestation of a general meeting, cancellation etc.)
  6. Maintenance problems of common areas by the trustee and the co-owners' association
  7. Abusive use of common areas, particularly non-compliant with co-ownership regulations
  8. Modification of the co-ownership regulations and application of the applicable majority rules
  9. Difficulties in load distribution 
  10. Personal data protection issues in the context of co-ownership management (use of coordinates, video surveillance cameras).

Cécile ZAKINE has extensive experience of appearing before the courts in disputes involving co-ownership law, and can provide you with support and advice to prevent your situation becoming difficult and contentious. 

Me ZAKINE will be able to advise you on the steps to take and what should be avoided. 

An analysis of the co-ownership regulations and the descriptive statement of division will be necessary and Me ZAKINE requests them from the first meeting because it is from their analysis that the answers and advice provided will result. 

Co-ownership law is complex, and situations can quickly degenerate into neighbourhood disputes or sharp tensions. 

These are often the result of poor communication between co-owners. 

This is why Mr. ZAKINE always takes care to intervene amicably with the trustee and often proposes a conciliation meeting with a conciliator located within the justice branch. from Grasse, in order to calm the situations.

Me ZAKINE practices throughout France and does not hesitate to travel to defend the interests of his clients and to resolve their problems. 

It provides tools for easy access, such as video-conferencing for people who are geographically distant. 

Videoconferences lasting one hour or 30 minutes (because sometimes a few questions are needed to resolve a minor difficulty) are scheduled directly on her website:, home tab, "book an initial consultation" tab at the top middle of the page. 

And if you are unable to arrange an appointment yourself, don't hesitate to call Me ZAKINE, who will be able to help you find an alternative solution. 

Therefore, for any question relating to co-ownership law or for any dispute, Me ZAKINE will advise you and assist you in protecting and defending your interests.


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