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Me Zakine in South West from 01/17/2024

Maître Zakine is a lawyer who practices real estate law and co-ownership law on a daily basis.

He is a very experienced lawyer who has worked on high profile cases over the years.

She is passionate about helping her clients achieve the best possible results for their real estate and condominium disputes, and her expertise and dedication are recognized by her clients.

With his experience before the Courts in matters relating to procedures relating to real estate law, construction law and co-ownership law, Maître Zakine best advises his clients and guides them towards the most appropriate strategy possible according to their needs. , while taking into account their wishes and listening to their requests. 

It is essential for Maître Zakine to understand and hear what the clients' needs are and what their feelings are. 

Her knowledge and experience make her an invaluable asset when it comes to navigating the legal and financial aspects of real estate and condominium law.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, Mr. Zakine will provide you with the advice you need to make informed decisions and ensure that your rights are protected.

Co-ownership lawyer
Co-ownership bordeaux

As a lawyer with a practice in real estate law Bordeaux and all over France, here are a few examples of practical cases that Maître Zakine can handle in his practice.
She can help her clients resolve their disputes amicably or, if necessary, she can represent her clients in court. These cases fall under either real estate law or land law (which borders on public law).

  • Eviction of a tenant
  • Co-ownership law
  • co-ownership disputes, particularly during the period of general meetings
  • Drafting of the co-ownership regulations.
  • Internal condominium conflict
  • Support for general meetings
  • Request for work at a general meeting
  • Contesting a General Assembly
  • Dispute between co-owners
  • Supporting trustee firms so that they carry out their management mandate
  • liability of the trustee for mismanagement
  • Support for the Trade Union Council
  • Construction expertise in the context of co-ownership
  • Real estate sales contract
  • Delayed vefa

 Concrete examples of intervention in real estate law – construction law 

tConcrete examples of intervention in real estate / co-ownership / construction law

Real estate law is at the junction between different rights, public law, land rights, land law.

The firm also works around social law (which includes labor law) and family law (divorce, succession)

Construction law : construction disputes, action for appointment of an amicable expert before the judge, compensation action on the merits before the judicial courts, achat et litige VEFA sur Bordeaux and France.

 Delays in the delivery of property acquired as part of a future sale have become a real scourge. 

Maître Zakine combats the behavior of developers to assert the rights of his client buyers placed in sometimes very complex situations when construction companies do not respect their contractual commitments by taking refuge behind the force majeure clause very often invoked in bad form. faith and wrongly. 

Criminal complaint in the context of violation of criminal law.

Lawyer CCMI (delay, forgery, subcontracting, cancellation and poor workmanship).

He can also defend your interests in the event of cancellation or breach of contract.


Real estate law and Land rights : support in matters of real estate sales (sales agreement, authentic deeds of sale, etc.), unpaid rent.
It can help you prepare the general meeting, draw up the co-ownership regulations or contest the co-ownership charges. right of easement of way or networks.

Property law Disputes related to encroachment, easements, demarcation: action for amicable resolution of the conflict or before the competent courts, drafting of commercial lease, assistance with the realization of your real estate projects, verification of the promise of sale, assistance with the sale of real estate 

Urban planning law : contestation of building or subdivision permits,



Real estate lawyer bordeaux

Read a real case in VEFA treated by Me Zakine 

Extract: " "There is no communication. The promoter does not respond to my emails and letters of formal notice. "In any case, I re-read the contract and the promoter is within his rights. There is a clause that allows him to justify his delay. are the classic phrases I hear most from the promoter and the clients.

Real estate bordeaux

Why choose us to defend you?


Your interest is what guides the firm. Maître Zakine provides you with listening, advice and assistance.
Calling on a lawyer means being sure that your rights are respected and listened to and that the areas of expertise of the law firm you have chosen is competent in the required field.

Maître Zakine intervenes on complex files with important promoters (find an article in Nice Matin of December 11 – BNP Paribas – Marenda Lacan on Nice Matin for a VEFA conflict or know how to file a criminal complaint for serious technical issues.

She also intervenes in family law and labor law. For family law, she intervenes in divorces, for labor law, unfair dismissals and 


Maître Zakine asserts your rights forcefully and with all humanity and listening. She works for a wide audience.

The law firm Zakine is based in Antibes and registered with the Grasse Bar (the Nice Bar is next door). Maître Zakine works throughout France and particularly in Bordeaux where she has clients.

Maître Zakine is used to working remotely (video, electronic signature, secure file exchange platform).

Cécile Zakine's office is at your disposal

Cécile Zakine's office is at your disposal

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