The need to call on an experienced co-ownership lawyer - by Me Zakine, Avocat dans les Alpes-Maritimes et à Antibes

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Conflicts within a co-ownership property can quickly become complex, and if they are not disputes, they may involve questions relating to the budget, damage to the common areas, a request for authorisation from the general meeting or a change to the co-ownership regulations. Hiring the services of a co-ownership lawyer, such as Maître Zakine in the Alpes-Maritimes, is often an essential and crucial step in knowing, understanding and protecting your rights .

Legal expertise and experience

A co-ownership law lawyer has in-depth knowledge of the regulations that govern the relationships between co-owners, the trustee and other stakeholders. An experienced professional, such as Maître Zakine, lawyer at the bar of Grasse, knows how to interpret the law for the benefit of his client and how to analyze the co-ownership regulations and is trained to defend his rights effectively.

A solution and strategies based on experience

Co-ownership disputes can vary from simple disagreements to complex disputes. In any case, a specialized lawyer like Maître Zakine, practicing in Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Grasse, Menton and throughout France, can offer legal solutions adapted to their problems.

Using a lawyer to prevent disputes

Consulting a lawyer beforehand often helps to avoid disputes. Lawyers do not only become involved when a dispute arises. It is important to anticipate problems and delicate situations.

Through his expertise, Master Zakine is able to advise co-owners on their rights and obligations, and thus prevent conflict situations.

Local support for customers

Each condominium is unique, and each case deserves special attention.

Maître Zakine is renowned for his personalised approach and his ability to listen carefully to his clients' needs, whether they require straightforward legal advice or litigation.

Ms. Zakine will be happy to meet with you in person or by telephone. videoconferencing if you are geographically far away, set your own appointment on

The lawyer: an ally for individual co-owners, the syndicate of co-owners or the co-ownership manager

A co-ownership lawyer may act on behalf of a co-owner or group of co-owners, the syndicate of co-owners or the co-ownership manager.

It often acts at the request of the condominium manager when it is called upon, for example, to recover condominium charges or to restore property following illegal construction.

The local presence of Me Zakine in Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Saint Paul de Vence and Menton

Involved locally, Maître Zakine has a thorough understanding of the legal specificities of the Alpes-Maritimes region (Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Grasse, Menton). This local knowledge is a major asset in court.

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