Luncheon vouchers and telework: what does case law and URSSAF tell us?

Luncheon vouchers and teleworking: what does case law and URSSAF tell us?

URSSAF states that teleworkers can benefit from meal vouchers in the same way as employees working in a face-to-face position, and that these vouchers benefit from the same exemptions and the same conditions of attribution.

All these luncheon vouchers do not depend specifically on the working hours or the working days. However, the lunch break (the midday break) must be included in the normal working hours.

For  benefit from meal vouchers, a  group agreement or the employer's will. The allocation of luncheon vouchers is also subject to legal constraints. 

Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris, 1/4 social, 30 March 2021, n° RG 20/09805,

Judicial Court of Nanterre, of 10 March 2021, n° RG 20/09616


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