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(85 % of Me Zakine's clients are located outside the Grasse Bar).

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Maître Zakine, Doctor of Law

VEFA lawyer – CCMI
Real Estate Law

Needs in real estate and construction law? Advice on construction disputes?

The law firm of Me Zakine offers support in disputes related to construction, real estate and co-ownership law

Maître Zakine, Doctor of Law, is registered with the Grasse Bar.

The Real estate law is a vast legal field which brings together all the rules applicable to real estate, that is to say the land and the buildings erected there. This is a complex area that touches on both private and public law.

The construction law regulates contracts and the responsibility of those involved in a construction project. It ensures compliance with standards and the protection of project owners.

The co-ownership law is governed by the law of 1965 and sets the rules for the operation of co-ownerships, from the management of common areas to decision-making.

This complex legal area touches many aspects of daily life.


The Law Office of Me Zakine will be able to negotiate a solution for you in the event of a dispute relating to the sale and support you in the context of a litigation procedure (action for forced sale of a sale, action for liability).


The delay in your VEFA or CCMI delivery? 


The firm specializes as a VEFA lawyer and CCMI lawyer. Master Zakine practices daily problems related to VEFA as delay, lifting of reservations and meets many promoters as adversaries. His experience allowed him to specialize in real estate law

Lessors by introducing actions in evictions before the courts will be helped.

Finally, Mr. ZAKINE represents future buyers who wish to embark on the acquisition of a property within the framework of auction sales.

Office intervenes directly or not in criminal law or in family law, particularly in cases of disputes such as divorce or compensatory benefit, in order to support you as best as possible. Experience in these areas is essential.

Me ZAKINE assists his clients in divorce proceedings: divorce by mutual consent or contentious divorce.

Divorce proceedings are different from other proceedings in that affect and emotions completely permeate the case so it is essential to be able to manage this part of the case as well.

The care of our private or professional customers is essential for their bring our best expertise and help them defend their rights through our experience. 85 % of our customers are far from France.

 Living or owning property in co-ownership can be complicated.

Co-ownership regulations, Law of July 10, 1965, general meeting of co-owners, authorization, contestation of general meetings, assistance during general meetings, management of conflicts and illegally carried out work etc….these are the areas of intervention of the Cabinet.

The law office of Maître Zakine, Doctor of Law, can work urgently in close collaboration with Commissioners of Justice (formerly known as Bailiffs of justice) in Antibes so that, in emergency cases, files can be processed and with all the fluidity that certain situations require.

Maître Zakine intervenes both for the trustees and for the co-owners.

Being professional to preserve the public's rights is an ethical imperative.

A law firm in VEFA and CCMI – Real Estate Law

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