7 Frequently asked questions about bailiffs in Antibes

The bailiff's report is essential


Need for a bailiff in Antibe. This is normal because upstream or in the context of a dispute, it is sometimes crucial to call upon a Bailiff's Office to draw up a bailiff's report which will make it possible to state a very precise situation.


The bailiff's findings are authentic until proven otherwise.


This is a particularly interesting method of proof given the objectivity of the bailiff.


Thus, the building site report enables each of the parties (project owner, project manager or architect, contractor, purchaser of a property, insurer, neighbour in the case of a neighbourhood dispute) to safeguard their rights and interests.


Examples of intervention by the Bailiff :

  • Pre-work survey of existing buildings
  • posting of building permits, demolition permits and declarations of works
  • state of the surrounding area (roads, buildings, plantations, common areas, easements, illegal buildings, encroachments)
  • progress report when the client is behind schedule
  • water damage
  • Neighbourhood disturbances (noise pollution, installations that do not comply with the Town Planning Code, damage, accidents, etc.)
  • Abandonment of the site (recording of work already carried out and any defects): The bailiff will record the absence of the company, the abandonment of the equipment, and draw up an inventory of the services provided for in the estimate or the contract that have not been carried out, in order to quantify the damage. It should be noted that it will sometimes be necessary to request a judicial expert who will draw up an account between the parties before quantifying the damage and the work still to be done,
  • Minutes of the acceptance of work or end of the building site, especially when there is a suspicion of faulty workmanship: The report on the acceptance of work allows reservations to be identified.
  • Statement of non-conformity when the site is handed over: a statement of non-conformity by a bailiff will enable the company's guarantee to be invoked
  • Making service of documents (carrying and presenting them). This is the next level up from registered mail for simplicity).


The bailiff's report will then make it possible to establish a situation, reveal a situation and preserve the rights of the party who called upon it.

It should be noted that an adversarial report, with prior summons of the opposing party, will enable the latter to be quickly informed of his or her arguments and even to engage in a dialogue with a view to an amicable resolution of the difficulty that arises.

Bailiffs can carry out their duties anywhere (reports are available on the internet). In the Alpes Maritimes (06), there are hundreds of bailiffs.) They intervene in eviction proceedings and to serve documents. Maître Zakine can help you with your procedure and with the better use of the hiussier act.

The Cabinet Cécile ZAKINE will assist you with all the above problems and remains at your disposal.

7 Frequently asked questions about bailiffs in Antibes

1. What is a bailiff in Antibes?

A bailiff in Antibes is an officer of the court responsible for enforcing legal decisions, such as debt collection and the execution of evictions. Bailiffs are appointed by the prefecture, a government agency responsible for overseeing legal matters in the region. The bailiff's main task is to act as an intermediary between creditors and debtors, ensuring that all obligations are properly fulfilled. They also have the power to seize debtors' assets on behalf of creditors, which may require them to enter homes or businesses if necessary. In some cases, they may even be called upon to apprehend debtors who fail to comply with court orders or who attempt to flee the jurisdiction before meeting their financial obligations. All bailiffs must comply with strict rules of conduct set out in French in order to continue practising. In addition, they must be approved by the Prefecture in order to practice as bailiffs in Antibes. It should not be forgotten that bailiffs have territorial jurisdiction and can provide legal advice within the limits of their competence.

2. How to find a bailiff in Antibes?

If you are looking for a bailiff in Antibes, the best way to find one is to contact the local prefecture or theorder of bailiffs direcemenet.  The prefecture is responsible for appointing bailiffs and will be able to provide a list of professionals available in the region. In addition, many specialized law firms in debt collection and eviction may also be in a position to recommend bailiffs to the courts. appropriate bailiffs in Antibes. You can also search online or ask people you know who have already used a bailiff. Once you have chosen a bailiff, it is important that you thoroughly research their background and qualifications so that you can make an informed decision as to whether they are suitable for your case. It is also essential that you discuss fees thoroughly in advance so that both parties are in agreement.

3. How to contact a bailiff in Antibes?

The The best way to contact a bailiff in Antibes is by phone. Most bailiffs have their own website or contact information listed on the prefecture page. You can also make an appointment with them at their office if you prefer. However, it is important to remember that most bailiffs charge for their services and you should be prepared to pay these fees before hiring a professional. Additionally, it is advisable to always communicate clearly and provide as much detail as possible about your case so that the bailiff can properly assess the situation. This will ensure that the case is processed quickly and efficiently. In Antibes, the bailiffs report to the Aix en Provence Court of Appeal. 

If you are looking for one, Maître Zakine works with professionals that she can advise you on, so don't hesitate to leave a message on the form below.


4. What are the opening hours of a bailiff in Antibes?


The opening hours of a bailiff in Antibes vary according to the individual professional. Most bailiffs are open during normal business hours, but some may offer extended or emergency services. It is best to contact the specific professional to find out their exact opening hours. In addition, most bailiffs charge for their services and it is important to discuss these charges before making an appointment. This will ensure that both parties agree on the cost of any legal proceedings. Finally, remember to always communicate clearly and provide as much detail as possible about your case so that the bailiff can properly assess the situation. This will ensure that your case is dealt with quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to your schedule.

5. What are the fees of a bailiff in Antibes?


The fees of a bailiff in Antibes vary depending on the services provided. Most bailiffs charge for their services, including court appearances, collection of debt payments and execution of enforcement orders. It is important to discuss these fees with your chosen professional before arranging a meeting so that both parties agree on the cost of any legal proceedings. In addition, most bailiffs charge an upfront fee when they first take on the case. These fees are usually based on the value of the case or the amount of work involved. It is best to contact several professionals and compare fees before making a decision. In Antibes, bailiffs are under the jurisdiction of the Aix en Provence court of appeal. Finally, don't forget that it's always wise to read all contracts carefully before signing them, and to make sure that you understand everything included in the agreements. If you are served with documents, you must of course provide the documents relating to the case!

6. How to pay a bailiff in Antibes?


Payment to a bailiff in Antibes can be made in several ways. Most professionals accept payment by cash, cheque, money order or credit card. It is important to remember that some bailiffs may charge extra for payments made by credit card. If you choose to pay by cash or cheque, you must ensure that the full amount due is received before the services are rendered. In addition, it is best to discuss the terms and methods of payment with your chosen professional before scheduling an appointment, so that both parties know how the fees will be paid. Finally, it is wise to keep all receipts and documents relating to your case as proof of payment in case any disputes arise later. This will help to prove that payment has been made and that all services have been provided

7. What documents do I need to provide to a bailiff in Antibes?


When working with a bailiff in Antibes, you must provide all relevant documents concerning your case. This includes any legal documents or contracts, as well as evidence that can be used to support your claims. In addition, you should also prepare any financial statements or bank documents that prove the amount owed. It is important to ensure that these documents are accurate and up to date so that the bailiff can properly assess the situation and make an informed decision on how to handle your case. Finally, it is always wise to read all contracts carefully before signing them. It should be noted that for service of documents for a court of appeal, for example, the document to be served must be provided of course!


For competitions, this can and will be done in consultation with the bailiffs.

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