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Are you looking for a lawyer in Mont de Marsan?  

 If you are looking for a lawyer in Mont de Marsan, Maître Zakine can help you. Maître Zakine, Doctor of Law, works in Mont de Marsan in real estate law, civil law and land law. She consults by video. The first consultation is €45 for 30 Minutes via Video or Telephone.

Lawyer, Doctor of Law, speaker in Mont-de-MarsanMaître Zakine, holder of a doctorate in law and lawyer, is registered with the Grasse bar but has experience with the Mont-de-Marsan bar. His vast knowledge of Mont-de-Marsan, a city rich in history and culture, as well as its proximity to its customers, make it a solution to your need to defend your rights in the moors before the court of Mont de Marsan or Pau. Its very good competence in legal procedures, both on the merits and in summary proceedings, allows us to defend your rights.

His skills cover a wide range of legal areas, family law, land law. It regularly provides employment law advice, legal affairs and is a specialist in legal procedures. Although she handles fewer criminal cases, she will be able to refer you to an expert if necessary. If this is outside her scope of expertise, Maître Zakine will make it her duty to express to you the fact that she cannot respond to your request and will send you to a specialist.

Maître Zakine also practices law of the family, particularly in matters of divorce and inheritance. She is able to guide you and defend your interests in the event of family disputes. Concerning divorces, whether it is an amicable or contentious divorce, Maître Zakine can, directly or indirectly, assist you. Do not hesitate to ask for it.

Real estate and land law are at the heart of its interventions, particularly in the Landes, a region where land and heritage issues are essential. Maître Zakine's experience is built by coming into contact with issues throughout France (from Lille to Nice via Mimizan or Bordeaux), his experience is therefore rich and interesting. She perfectly masters conflicts with promoters.


Knowledge of the Landes Region: An Undeniable AssetKnowledge of the Landes region gives Master Zakine a considerable advantage. Understanding the local economy, traditions and specific issues of the region allows Maître Zakine to offer a personalized and relevant legal service. She combines this knowledge with a human approach, recognizing that behind each file, there are men and women with their needs and their hopes.



Real estate lawyer in Mont-de-MarsanMaître Zakine is particularly sought after for real estate and land matters specific to the Landes, particularly in Mont-de-Marsan. Her very good national knowledge of real estate disputes is well established, and she pleads before the new (and splendid) court of Mont-de-Marsan.

She also has strong expertise in cases abandonment of construction site and associated legal procedures. Its proximity to local stakeholders and its in-depth knowledge of the specificities of the region position it ideally to assist you in your legal procedures and in the defense of your rights.

Master Zakine uses applicants for the transmission of acts near the Court of Mont de Marsan.

A modern and connected lawyerMaître Zakine, although operating mainly in Mont-de-Marsan, operates throughout France, particularly in the South-West. To facilitate communication with its customers, it uses modern tools such as electronic signatures, videoconferencing and emails.

With two Masters degrees under his belt and a solid law training, Maître Zakine combines professionalism and proximity. She can also collaborate with your legal insurance.

By calling on a specialist in property law, you ensure the best defense of your rights.

Lawyers are not used to pleading outside their court; Maître Zakine has been doing so for a long time to allow himself to acquire new skills and help his clients defend their rights everywhere.

Engagement and customer serviceThe interests of its clients are at the heart of the concerns of Maître Zakine's office.

Video consultations are the opportunity, without even traveling (and in the Landes, this is rare!) to be able to obtain legal advice from a lawyer operating in France complete and knowledgeable of the Landes territory. His concern for fair advice, the defense of your rights and his very good knowledge of legal procedures will help you defend your interests.

For a consultation and legal advice, make an appointment online. The Cécile Zakine Cabinet is at your service. Contact us without hesitation.

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Maître Cécile Zakine, as a lawyer, can help resolve various legal problems for people in Mont-de-Marsan and the Landes. Here are some examples of problems it could help solve:

Family law : She can intervene in cases of divorce, child custody, alimony, and other matters relating to family law.

Labour law : She can help employees and employers in cases of dismissal, negotiation of employment contracts, workplace harassment, or other employment-related disputes.

Real estate law : Maître Zakine can represent clients in land disputes, lease issues, real estate transactions, or co-ownership problems.

Criminal Law : She can defend people accused of criminal offenses, whether misdemeanors or felonies, and help them in the legal process.

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  • Business Law : For entrepreneurs and corporations, she can provide advice on business formation, mergers and acquisitions, commercial disputes, etc.

  • Consumer law : It can help with consumer disputes, such as warranty issues, scams, or disputes with service providers.
    Administrative law : She can also represent clients in disputes with public administrations, such as in town planning, building permits, or taxation matters.

En résumé, Maître Zakine peut offrir une assistance juridique dans de nombreux domaines du droit, en fournissant à ses clients à Mont-de-Marsan et dans les Landes des conseils professionnels et une représentation juridique adaptée à leurs besoins spécifiques.

    4.8/5 - (427 votes)