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 Maître Zakine Doctor of Law, Lawyer can help you with all procedures relating to real estate law.

Maître Zakine Doctor of Law, Lawyer can help you in all procedures relating to real estate law. 

Maître Zakine's law firm acts in real estate law and construction law. She regularly intervenes in the drafting of commercial leases. His experience in commercial leases is significant. For the record, it is a derivative of contract law.

Real estate lawyer lille
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On the right side of the co-ownership in the Lille region, Maître Zakine also intervenes, for example, in disputes at general meetings for the owners. It also intervenes to recover charges from co-owners. Being a landlord can be complicated.

In real estate law and town planning law, she intervenes on damages in the event of renovation, abandonment of work or abandonment of construction site, eviction and commercial leases or during the acquisition of real estate which gives rise to the discovery hidden defects (i.e. defects that become apparent after the sale). She works in town planning law (building permit challenges, subdivision permit challenges). She also works to recover rents when landlords stop receiving them.

The firm is also involved in the drafting and negotiation of commercial leases, and in related litigation.

Lawyer in real estate law in Lille

Maître Zakine practises in the Nord Pas de Calais region, particularly in Lille, and is regularly in contact with Belgian clients, given the proximity of Belgium. Me Zakine.

In the context of urban development, real estate planning proves to be a central pillar, governing not only construction law, but also housing and property rules.

It is essential for an owner, whether individual or professional, to seek sound advice in order to best navigate the twists and turns of real estate law.

Me Zakine is an expert in real estate litigation and regularly intervenes in the city of Lille Palais de Justice. It can help you manage, for example, the use of a building expert, poor workmanship in the event of renovation as part of an acquisition in a new building (VEFA), or in an old building or following a construction of your individual house (CCMI or project management contract).

Real estate law also affects family law, particularly in cases of divorce, where the question of sharing real estate arises acutely. Likewise, commercial leases represent another part of our activity, requiring in-depth expertise in order to best protect the interests of our clients.

It sometimes happens that damages are requested to compensate for harm suffered. In these cases, it is crucial to put together a solid file, and our firm is ready to assist you in this process, thanks to experience gained over the years and the professionalism of our lawyers, like Me Zakine, recognized in the profession for his expertise and rigor.

Town planning law and contesting a building permit 

Contesting building permits is a legal process which allows citizens, associations and other interested parties to challenge the decision of a municipality or local authority to grant a building permit.

This process is governed by town planning law and offers different avenues of appeal for the parties concerned: informal appeal, and contentious appeal before the administrative court:

1. The Court of Appeal

Before turning to the administrative court, the disputing parties have the possibility of filing an appeal. This appeal is a written request addressed to the municipality which granted the building permit, requesting a review of the decision. The appeal must be filed within two months of publication of the decision to grant the building permit.

2. Litigation

If the informal appeal is rejected or if the municipality does not respond within two months, the parties can then refer the matter to the administrative court through a contentious appeal. This appeal must be filed within two months following the municipality's negative response or, in the absence of a response, two months after the municipality's response deadline has expired.

3. The Role of the Administrative Tribunal

The administrative court examines the merits of the municipality's decision based on town planning law and the documents provided by the parties. The court can annul the municipality's decision if it judges that it is tainted with illegality. The reasons for cancellation can be varied, ranging from an error of assessment to a formal defect.

Sale in perfect state of completion in Lille 

The off-plan sale (VEFA), also known as an off-plan sale, is a type of real estate transaction in which the buyer acquires a property before or during its construction. The transaction is governed by specific rules in France to protect the buyer.

1. Reservation contract:

The buyer can sign a reservation contract with the developer to reserve the property. He must then pay a security deposit.

2. Act of sale:

Once construction is sufficiently advanced, the buyer signs the deed of sale with the notary and officially becomes the owner of the property.

3. Installment payments:

The buyer pays for the property in several installments, depending on the progress of the work:

  • 5% from price to reservation
  • 35% upon completion of the foundations
  • 70% when waterproofing (roof installed)
  • 95% upon completion of the work
  • The balance (5%) on delivery

4. Guarantees:

The promoter must provide several guarantees:

  • Guarantee of perfect completion: all defects reported within one year of delivery must be repaired.
  • Two-year guarantee: covers the separable elements of the building for 2 years.
  • Ten-year guarantee: covers damage compromising the solidity of the building or making it uninhabitable for 10 years.

5. Receipt of the goods:

At the end of the work, a reception visit is organized. The buyer may express reservations if he notices defects.

6. Delivery time:

The VEFA contract must specify the delivery date. Damages may be claimed in the event of delay.

7. Specificities in Lille:

As in any other city, it is crucial to choose the developer carefully and to check their seriousness and solvency. Lille, being a dynamic city with an active real estate market, offers many opportunities, but also risks if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Advice :

  • Check the promoter's credentials.
  • Carefully study the reservation contract and the bill of sale.
  • Make sure all warranties are included.

In conclusion, although VEFA can be an excellent opportunity to acquire new real estate, it is crucial to fully understand the process and take all necessary precautions to protect your investment.


    In conclusion, whether you are an owner, tenant, developer or member of a co-ownership, our firm is able to provide you with quality legal support, combining experience, professionalism and responsiveness, to defend your rights and protect your interests in all areas of real estate law.

    It also deals with problems related to abandoned building sites.

    Master Zakine comes regularly to Lille.

    She is a lawyer and Doctor of Law in real estate, construction and co-ownership law.

    Maître Zakine is used to working remotely (video, electronic signature, secure file exchange platform).

    The Cabinet Cécile Zakine is at your disposal:




      The 5 crucial aspects to master in the event of a VEFA delay in Lille


      The real estate transaction under the Sale in Future State of Completion (VEFA) regime in Lille, a bustling metropolis rich in real estate projects, requires particular attention, particularly in terms of delivery delays. As a specialized lawyer, it is imperative to master the ins and outs of this specific contractual form.

      Legal framework for VEFA delay: The VEFA is rigorously regulated by the Construction and Housing Code, requiring the stipulation of a delivery date or period and penalties applicable in the event of delay in the contract. The seller must justify any delay, subject to exceptional circumstances or force majeure, in which case he could be exempt from penalties, provided he demonstrates the impact of these circumstances.

      Late penalties : The penalties, defined contractually, aim to compensate for the damage suffered by the purchaser, including the additional costs incurred by the delay. In Lille, these penalties play a crucial role in protecting the buyer's rights.

      Remedies : In the event of significant delay or insufficient penalties, the purchaser may put the promoter on notice, take legal action, or even request the termination of the contract in the event of a serious breach, with the consequence of reimbursement of the sums paid plus interest. .

      Juridic assistance : Support from a lawyer specializing in real estate law is strongly recommended, given the complexity of VEFA contracts and the technical nature of the disputes. A lawyer will be able to guide the buyer towards the strategy best suited to their situation.

      Specificities of the Lille market : The attractiveness of Lille generates strong real estate demand and a proliferation of off-plan programs, with delays sometimes due to the work overload of construction companies. Local specificities, such as protected areas or architectural standards, can also cause delays.

       In-depth knowledge of the legal framework and adequate legal support make it possible to secure the operation and effectively protect the rights of the buyer. Vigilance and proactivity are required to assert your rights in this dynamic but demanding context.



        Buying off-plan is an adventure that can be perilous. However, by being well informed and supported, it is possible to overcome obstacles and see your real estate project come to fruition. Delays are unfortunately common, but the law offers tools to protect the rights of buyers. In Lille, despite a dynamic market, the rules of the game remain the same. It remains for the buyer to be vigilant and active to assert their rights.

        Vefa lawyer Lille


        The 5 key elements to know about a real estate lawyer in Lille

        Real estate law, a complex and multifaceted legal field, requires the intervention of a competent and rigorous lawyer, like Maître Cécile ZAKINE, an eminent lawyer at the Lille bar. Here are five essential aspects to know about his role and expertise.

        Rigor and competence: Master ZAKINE offers rigorous expertise in real estate law, acquired over the years and reinforced by diligent practice, particularly in Lille. She has a perfect command of the legal issues related to real estate, whether construction contracts, VEFA or litigation.

        Personalized listening and advice : Recognized for her attentiveness and proximity to her clients, Maître ZAKINE provides advice adapted to each situation, whether in matters of real estate sales, divorce, labor law or business.

        Mastery of legal procedures : Faced with the complexities of real estate law disputes, Maître ZAKINE ensures effective and rigorous representation before the courts, helping to resolve the most complex situations.

        Pnational residence : Although based in Lille, Maître ZAKINE is ready to travel throughout France to defend the interests of her clients, demonstrating her commitment and determination.

        Legal versatility : Beyond real estate law, Maître ZAKINE has solid expertise in other areas of law, such as labor law or business law, making her a versatile lawyer capable of responding to a variety of legal needs.

        In short, calling on Maître Cécile ZAKINE means choosing a real estate law lawyer in Lille who combines competence, listening and versatility, for complete and personalized support for your legal needs.


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          Specialized lawyer, doctor of law, holder of two Masters, Maître Zakine acts in Lille

          Calling on an expert in property law and VEFA, with a strong practice in co-ownership, is the assurance of defending your rights in the best possible way.

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