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The Sale in Future State of Completion (VEFA), also known as “sale off plans”, represents a specific method of real estate acquisition. Due to its anticipatory nature, the VEFA operation requires advanced legal expertise to guarantee the security of your investment and the defense of your rights.

Annually, nearly 100,000 new homes are built in France. Although purchasing off-plan can present technical and fiscal advantages—such as the possibility of benefiting from the “Pinel Law” system—it is imperative to approach this approach with in-depth knowledge of its legal complexities.

Me ZAKINE offers you personalized legal support, from the preparation to the execution of your off-plan real estate project. Our expertise extends from the pre-contractual phase to the resolution of any reservations upon delivery of your property.

In the context of a VEFA, the formalization of an authentic deed is not only obligatory but also complex. Our firm provides you with qualified legal assistance in order to enlighten you on the legal implications of contractual documents, from the initial reservation contract to the final authentic deed signed before a notary.

It is crucial to take a rigorous look at the contractual clauses, because they will engage your rights and obligations throughout the project. Note that before ratification of the final notarial deed, you benefit from legal periods of reflection - from 10 days to one month - during which all the documents relating to the project (plans, building permits, appeals in matters of town planning, etc.) can be carefully examined.

We pay particular attention to the verification of fundraising calls and the delivery arrangements for your property, for tailor-made support adapted to your needs.

To complete this legal assistance, the use of a technical expert upon receipt of the property is strongly recommended.

The main disputes in VEFA are as follows:

Delay in delivery of the VEFA property

interim action suspension of the loan contract Impact of Covid-19 on tax exemption

Poor workmanship and/or defects which may appear during delivery of the goods.

Question of consignment of 5% of the remaining balance due Lifting of reserves upon delivery of the property (pay attention to the deadline for action which is one year, etc.)

Hidden defects revealed after delivery

Area different from that provided for in the contract

Ten-year guarantee for problems occurring after delivery of the goods

Bankruptcy of the promoter Shortcomings and liability of the notary (duty to advise)

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with Me ZAKINE to study your project, whether it is at the reflection stage, in the process of being delivered or already delivered.

A solution to anticipate or resolve your difficulties can be put in place.

The thorny question of the VEFA delay

VEFA delivery delay What to do when the developer announces a delay in delivery of the property acquired as part of a sale in a future state of completion (VEFA)? What compensation can the buyer claim? How to obtain compensation for late delivery?

Maître Zakine: Your Legal Partner in VEFA, available in person or by Videoconference

Investing in a Sale in Future State of Completion (VEFA) is a complex process requiring in-depth legal expertise. Master Zakine, lawyer specialised in real estate law and in particular in terms of VEFA, offers you personalized support to secure your investment and meet your specific needs.

Multidimensional Expertise:

Maître Zakine assists you in a variety of disputes relating to VEFA, including but not limited to:

  • Delivery delays and contractual implications
  • Tax issues and the impact of Covid-19
  • Construction defects and implementation of legal guarantees
  • Compliance of the area delivered
  • Responsibility of the different actors (promoter, notary, etc.)

Flexibility and Accessibility:

Aware that each client has different constraints and preferences, Maître Zakine offers the possibility of face-to-face consultations in his office or via videoconference. This flexibility allows you to benefit from a high level of legal service.

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