Why call on a real estate lawyer in Nice and the Alpes Maritimes?

By Me Zakine, Doctor of Law, Lawyer at the Grasse Bar

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  • The complexity of French real estate law
  • The need for specialist legal advice

I. The complexity of real estate law in France and Nice

  1. Complexity and constant evolution of legal rules and evolution of case law on which
    • Example of changing laws (ALUR law, ELAN law, etc.)
    • Importance of updating legal knowledge
    • evolution of co-ownership law
    • complexity of VEFA rules
    • complexity of relations with promoters
    • complexity of CCMI contracts
    • complexity of relationships with manufacturers
    • difficulty reading co-ownership regulations and analyzing a descriptive statement of division
    • poor workmanship,
    • hidden defects
  2. The financial and legal issues therefore become considerable
    • Examples of high-risk real estate transactions: very expensive transactions with discovery of hidden defects after the acquisition

II. Specific problems for owners

  1. Difficulties linked to co-ownership
    • Examples of disputes linked to general meetings, co-ownership charges, works, etc.
  2. Management of leases and tenants: eviction problems
    • Example of a dispute related to the eviction of a tenant or non-payment of rent
  3. The specifics of the Nice real estate law
    • Very high cost of real estate, hence the importance of getting support

III.: an asset to secure your acquisition in the old, in the new (VEFA) your construction under CCMI

  1. Advice and prevention
    • Preventing legal, tax and financial risks: sound advice, review of contracts
    • The lawyer as a strategic partner in real estate transactions
  2. Representation and defense
    • The lawyer as legal representative before the courts: can take the case to court if the amicable solution has failed

IV. Why choose a lawyer, whether in Nice or in the Alpes Maritimes?

1. Verification of contractual clauses: analysis of contracts, search for unfair clauses, letters of formal notice, pressure on the opposing party, search for an amicable solution, partnership with building experts

Therefore, support is necessary in right real estate because the acquisition of your dreams can become a source of daily difficulties.

Maître Zakine is at your disposal on his online calendar or by telephone to help you with your acquisition.

Me zakine analyzes the various documents that have been provided to you and supports the client, to adopt the best strategy with him and is at your disposal

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