What about abandoning a building site?



5 tips for dealing with abandoned building sites by Me Zakine, lawyer in Lille

When faced with site abandonment, a real headache in the construction industry, protecting your interests requires a thorough knowledge of the appropriate legal remedies. Here are the five essential points for dealing with this delicate situation and safeguarding your rights.

1. Identify abandoned building sites as quickly as possible

Ralentissement, visites sporadiques du chantier, chantage à des appels de fonds, abandon partiel ou total tel sont les cas (non exhautifs) qui peuvent se présenter comme un abandon de chantier.

2. Examine the clauses of the contract you have signed

Everything must be set out in the contract. That's why we advise you to avoid any problems by checking all the clauses of the contract before you sign it, and sometimes to call in a real estate lawyer. It is essential to review the terms of the contract in detail to identify specific provisions relating to deadlines, delays, penalties and termination conditions. The clauses relating to insurance and guarantees in the event of site abandonment should also be studied in detail. Check that the contractor has provided you with a ten-year insurance certificate.


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3. Send the contractor a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

In the event of suspected abandonment, it is crucial to formally notify the contractor in writing, in accordance with legal procedures. This notification must clearly state the delays observed, the problems encountered and the expectations for resumption of the work. This step marks the beginning and the proof of the abandonment of the worksite. To be even more rigorous, have a bailiff's report drawn up, which you can enclose with your letter.

4. Attempt to resolve the dispute amicably 

Before taking tougher legal action, it may be a good idea to explore the options of negotiation and mediation to avoid lengthy litigation, which sometimes requires a court hearing.

5. Take the case to court if you are unsuccessful 

Si les efforts de négociation et de médiation ne produisent pas de résultats satisfaisants, envisager de porter l’affaire en justice. Vous pourriez avoir des options telles que résilier le contrat, engager une autre entreprise pour terminer les travaux, ou poursuivre en justice l’entrepreneur pour rupture de contrat et demander des dommages et intérêts. Dans ces cas, il est impératif de consulter un avocat spécialisé en droit immobilier à Cannes pour obtenir les conseils adéquats et adopter la meilleurs stratégie.

In conclusion, dealing with site abandonment in Lille requires a thorough understanding of property law and rigorous strategic planning.

In short, dealing with abandoned building sites requires vigilance and insight. By arming yourself with these five key points, you'll be able to navigate this complex situation skilfully and protect your rights as best you can. If you need help, consult a lawyer specialising in construction law, who can provide you with tailored expertise and advice tailored to your specific situation.

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