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10 things you need to know about property law

By Me Zakine, real estate lawyer in Bordeaux

  1. co-ownership and its intricacies Co-ownership law is like a fine Bordeaux wine: complex, with its many nuances, and requiring a certain amount of time to mature before it can be fully appreciated. This complexity stems from the co-ownership regulations, the description of the division, the co-owners, the general meetings, the majority rules, the budgets, etc.
  2. VEFA, its delays and communication problems But buyers beware of delays, a lack of transparency and communication, the quality of materials and developer secrecy!
  3. The syndicate of co-owners, the party responsible for conserving the building : Do you think you're walking into a simple meeting for the first time? Think again! Instead, you're entering an arena where every vote can spark off real conflict. The syndicat des copropriétaires is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the building.
  4. The joint property, union representative : The condominium manager is a two-faced character. As both the guardian of the rules and a mediator, he is sometimes perceived as the 'big bad', but it is often he who, behind the scenes, manages tensions and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Of course, we lawyers sometimes cross swords with him, but always in a spirit of courtesy... almost always. He or she must work with the union council, which is chaired by the president of the union council and made up of a number of members appointed at the general meeting.
  5. Developers, builders, VEFA and CCMI Delay, delivery deadline, materials, defects, acceptance, ten-year guarantee, perfect completion, reservations, delivery report, handing over of keys, removal of reservations, summary proceedings, expert opinion, apparent defects, hidden defects, foreclosure, prescription, damages and interest, damages for work - these are some of the questions that may arise in the course of an inspection. construction law
  6. Time, that elusive ally Did you think time was linear? Visit property lawIt can sometimes seem elastic. Deadlines stretch, procedures multiply... But don't take this as laziness on our part. It's the nature of the beast, and we're here to tame it for you.
  7. Negotiation, the essential prerequisite Conciliation or mediation should be preferred. A good settlement is always better in terms of cost and time.
  8. A love of the profession of real estate lawyer in Bordeaux : call on an expert lawyer and you will resolve your difficulties in better conditions. Your interest is what guides Master Zakine. Master Zakine brings you advice and assistance.

    Using a lawyer means you can be sure that your rights are respected, and that the law firm you have chosen is specialised in the required field.
    Maître Zakine intervenes in complex cases with major developers (see an article in Nice Matin of 11 December - BNP Paribas - Marenda Lacan on Nice Matin for a VEFA dispute). Maître Zakine represents several purchasers of this VEFA programme against the developer BNP Paribas.
    In the event of a dispute, Maître Zakine asserts your rights with strength and humanity.
    The law firm Zakine is based in Antibes and registered with the Grasse Bar (the Nice Bar is nearby). Maître Zakine works throughout France and particularly in Bordeaux where it has customers.

    Maître Zakine is used to working remotely (video, electronic signature, secure file exchange platform).

    Cécile Zakine's office is at your disposal

Mr. Zakine has extensive experience in real estate law, and has earned a reputation as a lawyer who reliable and trustworthy in this field.

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